Maryland Primary Ca​re Program

Information for Patients

An infographic on the ways that the MDPCP improves care for patients across Maryland.

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The Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) provides resources to your primary care team to better manage and coordinate your care, at no extra cost to you. These enhanced services include:

-    ​    Integration of behavioral health needs with primary care

-       A care team led by your doctor

-        Access to links to social services such as transportation, food, housing, and much more

-        More convenient care options, such as telemedicine, group visits, home visits

-        Full-time Care Managers to help smooth transition of care, including follow up after hospital admissions​

Most importantly, all of these enhanced services come at ​no additional cost to patients.

Find an MDPCP Provider:

-   ​     ​Interactive map​ of all practices in the program

-      ​​  Listing of all ​MDPCP practices​ participating in 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions​ (FAQs) about the program.

About the MDPCP

A snapshot​​ of the MDPCP in its first program year.

Testimonials of how MDPCP can benefit patients: