​​​​CTOs Available in Dorchester County



  • ​To learn more about the services provided by a particular CTO, please visit their website. 
  • New applicants interested in partnering with a CTO will have the opportunity to write in their first and second choice of CTO partner as part of the application.​ This choice will then be confirmed via an online form that will be emailed to practices directly in the Fall.
  • Current program participants will have the opportunity to select a new CTO for the 2023 Program Year during an open enrollment period that will take place in Fall 2022. A link to an online CTO Selection Form will be emailed to practices directly. ​

CTO IDCTO NameWebsite
CTO00087Aledade Accountable Care 30, LLChttps://www.aledade.com/maryland
CTO00160Connections for Healthhttp://ConnectionsforHealth.com
CTO00085Healthcare Dynamics International (HCDI)https://www.hcdi.com/cto/
CTO00105Healthlincs CTOhttps://medicalincs.com/
CTO00180IBSS Corphttps://www.ibsscorp.com/
CTO00094Maryland Collaborative Care Transformation Organization, LLChttps://www.mdcctransformation.com/provider.html
CTO00084MedChi Care Transformation Organizationhttps://www.medchi.org/MedChiCTO
CTO00112Netrin Accountable Care LLCWWW.MDPCP.ORG
CTO00169PHS Doctors CTO, LLCphsdoctorscto.com
CTO00096PRCIN Care Transformation Organizationwww.prcin.org
CTO00095Transform Health MDhttps://www.umms.org/transformhealthmd