Maryland Primary Care Program

Care Transformation Organization (CTO) Information 

Providing Care Transformation Assistance and Supplemental Staffing for MDPCP Practices

CMS and MDH have envisioned a new type of entity, a Care Transformation Organization (CTO). For purposes of the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP), a CTO is defined as an entity that hires and manages an interdisciplinary care management team capable of furnishing an array of care coordination ​services to Maryland Medicare beneficiaries attributed to Participant Practices. The interdisciplinary care management team may furnish care coordination services such as: pharmacist services, health and nutrition counseling services, behavioral health specialist services, referrals and linkages to social services, and support from health educators and Community Health Workers (CHWs). Many different types of entities may submit a CTO application, including health plans, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), managed service organizations (MSOs), Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs), hospitals, and other practice support organizations.​ 

The application period for both practices and CTOs to apply to participate in the MDPCP for the 2021 Performance Year is now closed. Applicants that submitted applications in Summer 2020 will be notified of CMS' decision in Fall 2020. Interested applicants who wish to apply to participate in the 2022 performance year may do so during the open application period in Spring/Summer 2021.Please visit our Application Page​ for more details. 

Li​st of All Accepted CTOs for 2019

The above list contains all of the CTOs that were approved by CMS during the 2018 application cycle. To see a list of CTOs that will be providing services in 2020, please see our CTO Comparison Tool

General Reso​urces for CTOs

    Care Transformation Support Vendor Survey 

    For interested vendors, please complete the form below and indicate your areas of support and contact information. For prospective program participants, please see summary of available vendor services in the market. This list will be updated on a regular basis. The State does not endorse any vendor listed.​