Maryland Prim​​ary ​Care Program

Program Application

Each Performance Year, there is the opportunity for new practices and CTOs to join the MDPCP. This includes those practices which were deferred in the previous Performance Year, as well as newly interested eligible practices and CTOs. Below, find updates on the current application period as well as previous materials for your reference.


Preparing for the Upcoming Application Period

The Request For Applications (RFA) for the 2020 Performance Year will be released in late spring/early summer of 2019. Stay tuned on our website for more information for the 2020 program year application.

There will also be several informational meetings throughout the state regarding the upcoming application. Please see the event calendar for up-to-date information on where to find these.


2019 Application Year Resources                                                                 

Below are resources from the previous application year. While they may provide some insight to the application process for future years, they are all subject to change for the 2020 ap​plication period and are for reference purposes only. 

Updates for the upcoming application period will be released shortly. 


For Practices:


For CTOs:​