Coronavirus and MDPCP​ Practices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As MDPCP practices, you play an important role in the health and safety of Marylanders. The Coronavirus outbreak continues to be a rapidly developing situation in regard to cases, transmission and testing. Thank you for your partnership, and please keep checking here for frequent updates.

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MDPCP Quick​​​​​​​ Links

  • ​Monthly Update from the PMO (PDF updated 10/13/2021)
    • This update provides an overview of events from the PMO, including any COVID-19 updates from the MDPCP practices.
  • Viewing COVID-19 Alerts in CRISP
    • This overview provides information​ about how to view COVID-19 alerts in CRISP, and how to create custom views to do so more efficiently.
  • Managing Health Care Workers Exposed to COV​ID-19 (Updated 3/11/2021)
    • This overview provides primary care practices guidance for what procedures to follow when one of their healthcare workers has been exposed to COVID-19.​​

MDPCP COVID-19 Webin​​​ars

In light of the continuing challenge that COVID-19 poses to public health in Maryland and nationally, the MDPCP PMO is continuing to host regular webinars ​for all Marylan​d ​healthcare Providers to review current guidance, provide additional information on health and safety​​ measures, provide updates on important items such as testing, vaccination, and monoclonal antibody treatment, and answer questions. T​​he schedule for the next several COVID-19 update webinars is as follows:​​

​For previous webinar recordings and slides, please visit our Archive pageFor the most common questions, please view the MDPCP CO​VID-19 Webinar FAQs​.


MDPCP providers can assist patients by providing COVID-19 vaccinations in their practices or referring patients to get vaccinated elsewhere.

Providing Vaccinations in Your Practice

If you want​ to begin to provide vaccinations in your practice, begin by reviewing the Preparing for ​​the COVID-19 Vaccine ​in Primary Care ​guide. There are three steps to setting up ImmuNet to be able to be a COVID-19 vaccine administrator:

ImmuNet Enrollment, Reporting​, and Registration

There are three steps to setting up ImmuNet to be able to be a COVID-19 vaccine administrator:

  1. Enrolling in ImmuNet (your practice may already be enrolled)​​​​

  2. Setting up EHR Reporting to ImmuNet

  3. Registering in ImmuNet to be a COVID-19 vaccine administrator

Refer Your Patients to Get Vaccinated

​​If you do not offer COVID-19 vaccine in your practice​​, you can ​refer patients ​​to ​ ​​to find a vaccination site ​and sign up for a vaccination appointment. ​

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

General ​COVID-19 Vaccine Information

COVID-19 ​Vaccine Communication Guides​

COVID-19 ​Vaccine Communication Resources

COVID-19 ​Vaccinator Training Resources

COVID-19 ​Vaccine Billing and Resources​​​​

General Guidance & Resources

Latest Policies and Guidance​


  • Maryland guidance on rapid point-of-care testing

    • ​Rapid point-of-care testing toolkit

    • Point-of-care testing resources - MDPCP practices in need of point-o​​f-care tests may fill out this form to obtain equipment

  • MDH Testing Adoption Project

    • Team of MDH staff aimed at assisting health care providers with implementing PCR testing

    • More information can be found in this slide deck

    • Questions can be sent to



    At this time, MDH has available and free PPE for practices. If​ interested, please fill out pages 3 and 4 of this document​ and submit to your Local Health Department contact as indicated.​​


    Grants and Assistance for Providers

    Resources for Providers to Share with Patients​



    ​​Providers ​Vaccinating Youth Aged 12-17

    ​​Administering COVID-19 Vaccine

    Registering and Reporting in ImmuNet

    Providers should onboard to ImmuNet now as a necessary prerequisite for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The first two links will lead you to the site. After onboarding with ImmuNet, providers should consult the ​Quick Reference Guide ​to establish a Vaccines for Children or Non-Vaccines for Children profile

    • ImmuNet COVID-19 Registration Instructions

    • Reporting to ImmuNet - As of October 2019, all vaccinations administered in the State of Maryland are required to be reported to ImmuNet, regardless of patient opt-out status in ImmuNet. Exceptions apply for nursing facilities and similar facilities; please see website for details.

    Talking with Patients and Families about COVID-19 Vaccine

    Vaccine Information for Parents

    Vaccine Policy Statements and Recommendations


    Archived Resources:

    For more information, please visit MDH’s Coronavirus page​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​