Maryland Primary Care Program

CTO Comparison Tool

Welcome to the Care Transformation Organization (CTO) Comparison Tool for the 2021 Program Year. CTOs are a key part of the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) and will provide care management resources, infrastructure, and technical assistance to practices that choose to partner with a CTO. This website allows practices applying to participate in the MDPCP to view CTOs available in their area.

Practice applicants interested in partnering with a CTO may identify a first and second choice during the practice application process. However, practices are not required to partner with a CTO in order to participate in the MDPCP. For more detail about partnerships between CTOs and practices, please see the Request f​or Applications (RFA)​

Disclaimer: Information provided is based on self-reported data from each CTO applicant. CMS and the State do not make any guarantees regarding validity of this information. 


  • To view a list of CTOs that are available in your county, please select the county in which your practice is located. 
  • To learn more about the services provided by a particular CTO, please visit their website.
  • New practice applicants should log into your application in the CMS Practice Application Portal​
    • Select “Care Transformation Organizations” in the left navigation bar. 
    • Indicate your first and second choice for CTO partnership by entering the CTO Name in the text fields provided.

  • Current program participants will have the opportunity to select a new CTO for the 2021 Program Year during an open enrollment period in Late Summer/Early Fall 2020. Details about this process will be emailed to participants at a later date.