Overdose Fatality Review Program    

OFR Annual Report Synopses

OVERVIEW                                                                                                                             2019 Annual Report     


The Overdose Fatality Review (OFR) program is established in

Maryland Health General Article §5-901and is administered by the Office of Population Health

Improvement (OPHI). Staff in OPHI provides training, technical assistance, and support to

the local overdose fatality review teams (LOFRTs). In addition, the staff prepares an annual

report that highlights and summarizes case data and recommendations that were made by the


The LOFRTs are established in 23 of the 24 jurisdictions in Maryland. These teams conduct

confidential reviews of fatal and non-fatal overdose incidents to identify system gaps and

prevention and intervention strategies needed to prevent future overdose deaths.

The LOFRTs are multidisciplinary teams that are comprised of stakeholders representing

organizations across multiple sectors including but not limited to: social services, education,

criminal justice, mental and behavioral health and others.

OFR Program Goals:


  •  Identify missed opportunities for prevention and intervention and system level change to prevent future overdose deaths. 

  •  Increase inter-agency communication and collaboration on overdose issues.       

  •  Make recommendations to laws, policies, and/or programs to prevent future deaths.

  •  Identify overdose risk factors to improve prevention planning.


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For questions regarding the OFR program or to learn about participating in a LOFRT, please contact us at  mdh.ofr@maryland.gov

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