Effective June 30, 2021, The grace period for late fees will no longer be waived and will be due for licenses that have not been renewed when they expire after June 30, 2021. Renewals received after this period will need to be submitted as Reinstatements and will be assessed a reinstatement fee.

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Effective June 30, 2021, The grace period for late fees will no longer be waived and will be due for licenses that have not been renewed when they expire after June 30, 2021


The Department of Health and local health departments (LHD's) in various counties are seeking qualified pharmacist volunteers to administer vaccines, and specifically COVID-19 vaccines, at anticipated vaccination sites.  
Question:  Pharmacists who are interested in volunteering have asked how they can meet the Board's vaccine reporting and recordkeeping requirements when volunteering in this capacity.

Answer: Pharmacists who volunteer for an LHD to administer vaccines at an LHD-designated site are acting on behalf of the LHD, and thus may rely on the LHD to report vaccines administered by the pharmacist volunteer to ImmuNet and the CDC, and to maintain the requisite administration records in compliance with HIPAA and Maryland medical records laws.

For more information regarding how to become a pharmacist volunteer, please contact the Maryland Responds Medical Reserve Corps at mdresponds.health@maryland.gov​

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Secretary's Amended Order Provides COVID Vaccine Administration Authority To Certain Registered PharmacyTechnicians 

The Maryland Secretary of Health issued an Amended Directive and Order, dated January 21, 2021, allowing certain registered pharmacy technicians to administer COVID vaccinations.  Pursuant to the Amended Order, pharmacy technicians must complete the CDC Administration of COVID vaccines training and work under the supervision of qualified supervisory personnel.  Registered pharmacy technicians working under the authority of the Secretary's Amended Order are not required to obtain a vaccination registration issued by the Board.  ​


Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Update regarding COVID-19 vaccination prioritization and allocation. Click here for more info.

 2021.01.21 - MDH Notice - Bulletin COVID 19 Vaccine Distribution​

2021.21.01 - MDH Order - Amended Vaccination Matters Order (Vaccine Wastage)


CJIS Criminal Background Processing Locations
There are over 125 Private Providers in Maryland that conduct CJIS fingerprinting services. Please visit the Maryland Public Safety and Correctional Services website, for a list of locations that can be used to have fingerprints processed: 

Pearson Vue Testing sites operating this month in 4 Maryland locations and Remote Option for MPJE exam



COVID-19 Maryland Board of Pharmacy Guidance and Announcements






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COVID-19 elevated level II status has been declared in Maryland, which has resulted in a policy being established that prohibits visiting members of the public or licensees from entering the building located at 4201 Patterson Avenue.  For all inquiries please contact the Board of Pharmacy by phone at  (410) 764-4755  or (800) 542-4964 (Maryland Only) , or (800) 735-2258 TTY for the Deaf  or email at 

Please be advised that the Board of Pharmacy will meet on July 21, 2021​​​​​, the board meeting will  be conducted onsite and is open to the public in Room 110.  The meeting will occur at the usual time of 9:30 AM.  

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