​Implicit Bias​​ Training for Healthcare Professionals​

Public Health - Implicit Bias Training and the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities (OMHHD)

 Excerpt - -  April 1, 2022

This bill requires applicants for the renewal of a license or certificate issued by a health occupations board to attest to the completion of an approved implicit bias training program the first time they renew their license or certificate after April 1, 2022.​ 

The Cultural and Linguistic Health Care Professional Competency Program is already required to establish and provide evidence-based implicit bias training programs for health care professionals involved in perinatal care. Senate Bill 5 / House Bill 28  in coordination with OMHHD, and the Health Occupation Boards, are required to identify and approve implicit bias training programs that are recognized by a Health Occupations Board or accredited by the ACCME that are available for all 20 health occupations boards with a diverse range of licensees and certificate holders. 

What is Implicit Bias?

Senate Bill 5 / House Bill 28 passed in 2021 defines implicit bias as: 

A bias in judgment that results from subtle cognitive processes, including the following prejudices and stereotypes that often operate at a level below conscious awareness and without control: 

(1) prejudicial negative feelings or beliefs about a group that an individual holds without being aware of the feelings or beliefs​ 

(2) unconscious attributions of particular qualities to a member of a special social group that are influenced by experience and based on learned associations between various qualities and social categories, including race and gender

How can I submit an evidence based implicit bias training program? 

Evidence based implicit bias training programs can be submitted by a Health Occupations Board​ ​a healthcare system and or educational company, and should encompass the definitions above for implicit bias. Training programs must be recognized by a Health Occupations Board, ​accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
or approved by the OMHHD in order to be in compliance. Please ensure that your course clearly addresses implicit bias. If unclear, please reach out to the OMHHD​ for guidance. ​If your organization would like to submit an implicit bias training program for approval and subsequent listing on OMHHD’s website, please reach out to your relevant board before reaching out to the OMHHD​ for guidance.​

​Approved Implicit Bias Training Resources - Links

Implicit Bias – Cognitive Gaps in Physical Therapy Practice

Implicit Bias in Behavioral Health (On-Demand)


Recognizing and Responding to Implicit Bias​


Implicit Bias Training


Introduction to Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions


Meritus Health 

Unconscious Bias Training (Meritus employees only) 


Montgomery County - Department of Health and Human Services - Equity

Evidence Based Anti-Bias Workshop
Unconscious Bias Resources for Health Professionals


Examining Implicit Bias And Culturally-Sustaining Slp Practices

​Maryland Implicit Bias for All Healthcare Professionals 

Please ensure that your evidence based course ​clearly addresses implicit bias. If unclear, please read the bill (https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Legislation/Details/hb0028?ys=2021R)​ and then reach out to the OMHHD office for guidance​.​


To find a list of accredited ACCME courses for all healthcare providers, ​please search CME Passport, ACCME’s online search tool under implicit bias” focused searchPlease email ACCME directly for technical assistance, they will respond within 24 hours info@accme.

Here are some examples of courses that are offered by ACCME and organizations: 


  • Implicit Bias and Microaggressions in Medicine 
  • Implicit Bias Implication for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals
  • Dismantling Bias in Maternal and Infant Healthcare™
  • Everyday Bias for Health Professionals
  • Implicit Bias in Behavioral Health 
  • Overcoming Implicit Bias and Stigma: Managing Underserved Populations with Obesity to Improve Adherence to Treatment Plans
  • Fibromyalgia/Implicit Bias 
  • Understanding Implicit Bias: Bridging the Unconscious Divide Between Intent & Outcome in Healthcare Delivery

If your organization would like to submit a​​ no cost evidence base​d implicit bias course for approval and subsequent listing on OMHHD’s website, please email the program manager at katina.nazario-joy@maryland.gov to discuss. OMHHD does not have an open request for proposals. Please reach out to the health occupations board for procurement opportunities. ​​

  • ​​Trainings around diversity, cultural competence, cultural identity, anti bias and oppression will not be accepted as they do not meet the statutory requirements for licensing and renewal under HB 28 - House ​Public Health – Implicit Bias Training and the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities.​
  • Our office does not have the capacity to address technical issues that may arise when trying to login, register and or complete an implicit bias course offered by a third party.  As such, please allow ample time to (a) identify a course, (b) create a login / profile, (c) complete the course, and (d) download a certificate of completion for your records only – we do not require proof of completion, your attestation, by law, is what is required on the application.

  • Our office does not have the statutory authority to grant extensions for licenses that are about to or have expired. Such matters need to be addressed with employers and or health occupations boards. ​Additionally, our office can amend and adopt rules considered necessary for carrying out the department's work.​

  • Courses that require a registration cost may not offer refunds, please read the fine print as our office does not offer refunds for courses and we are unable to contact the vendor on your behalf. 


Maryland Department of Health

Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities

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Cultural & Linguistic Health Care Professional Competency Program