Contraception Prescribing

Contraception Training Programs

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2. Maryland Pharmacists Association​
3. Wegman's
7. Comprehensive Contraception Training for the KPMAS
8. Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States



Contraception Training Program Submission

All training program submissions must be submitted for approval by email or UPS to:
Deena Speights-Napata
Executive Director, Maryland Board of Pharmacy
4201 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

 Maryland Medicaid Contraception Prescriber Enrollment

Maryland Medicaid Enrollment: Pharmacist Contraception Prescriber Protocol
Effective January 1, 2019, qualified pharmacists and pharmacies may enroll with Maryland Medicaid as a Pharmacist Prescriber provider type. In order for Medicaid to reimburse providers for these services, a pharmacy must take three steps:
1) The pharmacy must obtain a new type 2 National Provider Identifier (NPI) through the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) for the location it intends to enroll as a Pharmacist Prescriber. The NPPES website is
2) The pharmacy will enroll as a group pharmacist prescriber and need to affiliate with at least one qualified pharmacist in order to submit the application.
3) The individual qualified pharmacist must enroll as a Pharmacist Prescriber renderer. Please note: Any individual pharmacist who does not have a type 1 NPI will need to obtain one in order to apply as a Pharmacist Prescriber. 
Once enrolled, Pharmacist Prescribers may bill for the patient assessment rendered in order to determine whether to prescribe contraceptives and which contraceptive to prescribe. To be reimbursed for the patient assessment, the Pharmacist Prescriber provider type must bill via a CMS-1500 form. Pharmacies should NOT bill Conduent for the patient assessment.
Pharmacy providers who intend to participate as Pharmacist Prescribers should visit for more information about how to enroll and bill for these services.
Please direct any specific questions you may have regarding your participation in Maryland Medicaid as a pharmacist prescriber to


Maryland Insurance Administration

To become credentialed as a participating provider for health care services, the pharmacist should contact the carrier and complete the Uniform Credentialing Form, which can be used for any carrier.
Carriers will have their own claims processes, but are required to accept standard claims forms. For health care services, this will usually be the CMS 1500. The claims submission address often appears on the back of the member's identification card.
For provider complaints or questions relating to credentialing or claims payment the contact person is Mary M. Kwei, Chief, L&H Complaints, Maryland Insurance Administration, 200 St. Paul Place, Ste. 2700, Baltimore, MD  21202, 410-468-2224.


Please view the forms we have available for prescribing contraceptions below:


Maryland Contraception Prescribing Forms
Maryland Self-Assessment Form
Maryland Summary Form
Maryland Summary Form – Optional Supplement
Contraception Training Notification Form
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