Background Check Information

Criminal Background Check

To obtain a criminal background check that will be accepted with your application, please follow these instructions:
To obtain the state results:
Search online by entering the state followed by “background check” (ex. Maryland Background Check). That will access the process for obtaining the state's background check.
To obtain the federal results:
There are currently two options regarding the federal background check:
1.    Submit background cards for the federal check to Maryland CJIS for processing; the federal check will be processed by Maryland CJIS (; or
2.    Submit federal background cards directly to the FBI (

 Background Check FAQs

CJIS Contact and Fees

Maryland CJIS Contact Information

To contact Maryland CJIS, please call 1.888.795.0011 or 410.764.4501. Our CJIS authorization number is 0600062013. You will need this authorization code when you get fingerprinted. The ORI number is MD920493Z, if necessary.
(CJIS Service Fee of $20.00 is included for In-Person fingerprinting*)
Full background [state and FBI]
for authorized agencies only
 $31.25 for Mail-In
*$51.25 for In-Person

State background check only $18.00 for Mail-In
*$38.00 for In-Person​


 *Please be advised that having a conviction on your record will not necessarily disqualify you from obtaining a license.​