​​Center for Harm Reduction Services​​​​

Harm Reduction Grants


Through our grant programs, the Center for Harm Reduction Servi​ces (CHRS) supports the local implementation of harm reduc​tion programs and ensures statewide access to resources for harm reduction activities, including naloxone. ​Ap​​plications for new funding are closed at this time. These grants support the CHRS goals of reducing substance-related morbidity and mortality by optimizing services for people who use drugs. The Center currently provides funding to 46 organizations (24 nonprofits and 22 Local Health Departments) to conduct activities that work towards the strategic goal. ACCESS stands for "Advancing Cross-Cutting Engagement and Service Strategies for People Who Use Drugs." ​​​Please contact mdh.access@maryland.gov​ with any questions.​​

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