• The Board fees listed in the Board Fee Descriptions and Fee Amount Chart (“Fee Chart”) below are payable through the Online Payment Center.
  • You should send an email to the Board Office at if you have questions about any of the Fee Descriptions listed below and requirements before proceeding with making an online payment. Please include the Fee Description in the subject line of your email before sending it to the Board.
    1. Initial Application Fee: AIT Program and Endorsement
    2. Original License Fee
    3. Reinstatement Fee
    4. Duplicate License Fee: Original or Renewal  
    5. Inactive Fee: Initial
    6. Biennial Inactive Renewal Fee
    7. Reactivation Fee: Includes Application and License​
    8. Roster Fee
  • To pay the applicable Board fee, proceed to click on the Fee Description in the Fee Chart below to access the online payment form.
  • After your payment is processed, please make sure to download or print and save a copy of the payment receipt. You will need to submit the receipt and applicable documents (if required) to the Board Office via email or you may choose to mail the receipt and documents to the Board Office at the following address:

State Board of Long-Term Care Administrators
Executive Metro Office Building
4201 Patterson Avenue, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21215

  • A licensee will only be required to pay a Licensee Fine if they receive a letter from the Board Office stating that they failed to notify the Board within 30 days of a Change of Name, Home Address, Employer or Business Address.
  • Important Notice: The fee for Renewal Applications ​is paid through the Online Renewal Application Portal. The fee cannot be paid through the Online Payment Center.




The fees are established by the Board in accordance with COMAR

  • The fee for a license shall be established by the ​​Board.
  • The fee shall be payable on notification by the Board that the applicant has successfully completed the requirements for licensure or renewal.
  • The license fee or license renewal fee does not include costs for participating in educational courses or for the examination.
  • NAB Examination. The National Association of Long-Term Care Administrators Boards, Inc. determines the fee for the National Licensure Examination for nursing home administrators. A fee is charged each time a candidate takes the examination.
  • State's Standards Examination. The Professional Examination Service determines the fee for the Maryland State's Standards Examination. A fee is charged each time a candidate takes the examination.
  • All fees are nonrefundable.