Queen Anne's County Department of Health - Mobile Food Service Facilities

Content and forms on this page are intended for citizens and businesses of Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Contact information for other counties can be found at the following web address: https://health.maryland.gov/Pages/departments.aspx

A mobile food service facility means a food service facility that is a mechanically, electrically, manually, or otherwise propelled vehicle operating on land or water that moves as part of its routine operation to:

  • Change location for sales
  • Obtain food and other supplies
  • Fill potable water supply holding tanks
  • Empty wastewater holding tanks​​
  • Provide for the cleaning and sanitization of equipment and utensils

Mobile food service facility does not include a food service facility that is able to be moved but does not move routinely for a purpose as listed above. This type of facility is classified as a "semi-permanent food service facility".

In opening a mobile food service facility, an application and plan review packet must be submitted to the Queen Anne's County Environmental Office.

Effective December 31, 2018, the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 10.15.03 have been updated regarding mobile food service facility requirements.  Most importantly, the new regulations require that all mobile food service facilities obtain a base of operations/commissary by May 1, 2020 (with the exception of those selling only pre-packaged frozen desserts). 
The base of operations must: 
  • Be a licensed food service facility;
  • Have access to potable water;
  • Provide for proper disposal of waste and sewage (grease trap may be required);
  • Provide for proper utensil washing (if necessary) and;
  • Provide appropriate storage for refrigerated and/or dry goods (if necessary).
A base of operations/commissary form must be completed by the owner/operator of the base facility. This form will be required to be submitted on an annual basis. Once established, the base facility will be inspected by the local approving authority to ensure compliance.

Mobile Unit Reciprocity

In April 2017, The Maryland Legislature passed Senate Bill 262 (HB 771), which streamlines the health inspection process for food trucks operating in multiple counties.
This new law requires a county health department to issue a mobile reciprocity license to Maryland mobile food service facilities that meet the requirements set forth in MD HEALTH-GENERAL Code Ann. § 21-304 (f) and that are in compliance with COMAR 10.15.03. The law prohibits a county, under certain circumstances, from requiring that a mobile food service facility be inspected before issuing a mobile reciprocity license. A county health department may not charge a fee exceeding $300 for a mobile reciprocity license. A county health department that issued a mobile reciprocity license is authorized to inspect the mobile food service facility while the mobile food service facility is operating in the county; and to take certain enforcement action against the mobile food service facility.
To qualify for a Mobile Reciprocity License, the mobile food service facility must
  • Be in full compliance with the Maryland Food Service Regulations (COMAR 10.15.03)
  • Hold a valid license from the County of origin
  • Have a base of operations or commissary located within the County of origin
  • Operated within 90 miles of its base

If seeking reciprocity, the following application must be submitted to the Queen Anne's County Environmental Office