Maryland MIECHV Mapping

The following maps provide visual representations of home visiting, MIECHV programming, and need across Maryland. Maps are listed from most recent to oldest. 
Interactive Map: Ongoing assessment of community needs and strengths is crucial to developing a useful and well considered strategic plan. Analysis of available secondary data allows the MIECHV team to better target home visiting services in the state of Maryland to improve the health of mothers, infants, and children. The map here provides a visual representation of the high risk areas across the state, and jurisdictions. Specific risk levels can also be viewed by selecting individual jurisdictions. This map was newly created in early 2019 to demonstrate changing needs of the Maryland landscape and uses ArcGIS mapping to allow for both Maryland comparison as well as allow for local use within a jurisdiction.
Map of MIECHV Funded Home Visiting: This January 2015 map, developed by the Family League of Baltimore, illustrates where expansion and formula MIECHV funding is allocated and the geography of home visiting offices across the state.
Map of Maryland Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs: This map from September of 2014 visually depicts where evidence-based home visiting models with and without MIECHV funding exist around the state.
Maryland State Map of Elevated Indicators: This was the first map developed to demonstrate risk and need by jurisdiction. These jurisdictional maps provide color-coded legends based on the number of at-risk indicators by zip code or census tract. This information is based on the data collected in Maryland’s Statewide Needs Assessment in 2010 and was the original mapping for the MIECHV project.

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Updated October 2020