Maryland Home Visiting Consortium

The Maryland Home Visiting Consortium (HVC) is composed of representatives spanning multidisciplinary fields including home visiting, education, health care, research /evaluation and public health.  Representatives are responsible for sharing HVC information with their agency/organization, as well as informing the HVC with input and perspectives from their representative group. The HVC strives to meet quarterly.

To ensure coordination and collaboration between public and private partners in the planning, implementation and sustainability of evidence-based and promising practice home visiting programs in Maryland.

All vulnerable Maryland families with children age 0-5 will have access to high-quality, well-coordinated home visiting services that are family-centered and results driven.
Priority Focus Areas:
  • Coordination and Collaboration: All child serving agencies, public and private, will conduct open dialogue and support coordination of funding and service delivery.
  • Sustainability: Determine strategies to sustain home visiting programs and workforce beyond the life of any specific funding source, agency or political affiliation 
  • Core Standards/Expectations: Develop well trained and well supported home visiting workforce and use data to inform decision-making. 
  • Equity in Home Visiting: Review and evaluate focused activities that assure equity is embedded into all consortium actions, language and intentionality.

In 2016 the HVC, led by the MIECHV team, established “HV Connects” -- an electronic newsletter geared toward home visiting stakeholders in Maryland. The newsletter was initially sent out quarterly, and is now issued twice a year. In 2019, the MIECHV team began sending a monthly “News You Can Use” issue with more pressing and timely resources. Subscribe to the newsletters here.

For more information about home visiting in Maryland or the MIECHV grant, please email us at:
Updated October 2020