Maryland CHAMP

The Maryland Child Abuse Medical Providers' Network

Training for Nonmedical Providers
CHAMP faculty provide training to Maryland Department of Social Services workers, at the Child Welfare Academy at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. Trainings occur multiple times throughout the year. Through this exciting opportunity, faculty connect directly with social services workers from across the state. Training topics include: introductions to physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect, advanced topics in physical abuse, failure to thrive, medical child abuse, sexually transmitted infections, drug exposed newborns and children, and healthcare needs of foster youth and the medical home. For more information on training for child welfare professionals at the Child Welfare Academy, please visit their website.
Maryland Law Enforcement Training
CHAMP faculty, Drs. Dubowitz and Goldstein are offering training to front line police officers across Maryland in optimally recognizing and responding to suspected child maltreatment. Training topics include recognizing and responding to possible child physical or sexual abuse or child neglect, understanding injuries, when to refer for medical evaluations, talking with children and what information is needed from a scene investigation.
The Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention funded this project under sub-award number CJAC-2012-1204. All points of view in the training are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of any State or Federal agency.
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