Advisory Councils

The Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control provides staff support to three State Advisory Councils. All Council meetings are open to the public, in compliance with Maryland’s Open Meetings Act.​

Parkinson’s Disease Registry Advisory Committee ​

The Parkinson’s Disease Registry Advisory Committee is newly-established to advise MDH on Parkinson’s Disease and the establishment of a state Parkinson’s Disease Registry. The Advisory Committee will determine the purpose of a Parkison’s Disease registry in Maryland, as well as the actions and resources necessary for MDH to build and maintain a registry.

Virginia I. Jones Alzeheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Council 

This Council builds upon the work of the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD) Commission. Senate Bills 679 (2013) and SB 549 (2016) authorize the Council.  Its charge includes improving and enhancing quality of life and support services, both in the home and community, for individuals and their families living with ADRD. 

State Advisory Council on Health and​ Wellness

The State Advisory Council on Health and Wellness took effect October 1, 2017. The Council  consists of 34 members appointed by the Secretary of Health. The Council provides guidance on Statewide chronic disease prevention and control, and the promotion of evidence-based programs for healthy lifestyles and the prevention, early detection and treatment of chronic disease.
The three archived Councils listed below have been consolidated into the State Advisory Council on Health and Wellness. Their work continues through permanent Committees within the Council. In addition, a new focus area, Diabetes, is also represented by a permanent Committee within the Council. ​