Healthiest Maryland Businesses

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Healthiest Maryland Businesses (HMB) is a collaborative of Maryland businesses with a shared mission to build and promote a culture of health in the workplace – fostering an environment that makes the healthiest choice the easiest choice. 

HMB’s goals are to: 

  1. Raise awareness about the importance of sustaining a healthy workforce. 
  2. Recruit business leaders who are champions of healthy workplace practices and policies. 
  3. Assist businesses with workplace wellness programming that will improve their bottom line. 
  4. Recognize businesses for their commitment and success. 
Participating businesses receive accredited workplace wellness resources, individualized technical assistance, training, and peer support to create comprehensive wellness strategies. 

All HMBs in good standing may proudly display the HMB logo on their website, email signatures, or in their workplace to show customers, staff, and prospective employees their commitment to wellbeing at work.​

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