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CCPC HOM # 16-19 ​November 16, 2016 Teleconference on CRF Cancer Program
Wednesday November 16, 2016

Attachment 1-Lung Cancer Awareness Infographic
Attachment 2-Lung_cancer_awareness_resource_list
Attachment 4-GW_lung_cancer_social_media-toolkit 2016
Attachment 5-ACA Implementation_Direct Services Memo_8.26.15
CCPC HOM # 16-17​ ​September 21, 2016 Teleconference on CRF Cancer Program
Wednesday September 21, 2016

Attachment1-CRC Screening Promotion Toolkit Intro and
Content Summary

Attachment 2-CRC At-a-Glance for Providers and Administrators
Attachment 3-CRC Screening Minimal Clinical Elements Summary
Attachment 4- 80 Percent by 2018 Fact Sheet
Attachment 5-80 Percent by 2018 Pledge
Attachment 6-Increasing CRC Screening Resource List
Attachment 7-Provider Relations CRC Slides.
Attachment 8-Cancer Screening Patient Questionnaire
Attachment 9-CRC Questionnaire Provider Letter Template
Attachment 10-CRC Screening Patient Reminder Letter Template
Attachment 11- Local CRC Screening and PN Resource List
Attachment12-CRC Articles for Newsletters
Attachment 13-CRC Screening Messaging for Targeted Populations
Attachment 14-CRC Screening Promotion Toolkit Feedback Form
CCPC HOM # 16-16​ ​August 30, 2016 Prostate Cancer Awareness Toolkit-Memo
Attachment 1_letter-to-tv-and-radio-managers
Attachment 3_prostate_cancer_awareness_resource_list
Attachment 4_infographic_take_time_to_decide
Attachment 5-infographics_for_prostate_cancer_toolkit
CCPC HOM # 16-15 ​August 17, 2016 Teleconference on CRF Cancer Program
Wednesday August 17, 2016

Attachment 1 - CDB Traini​ng Schedule 2017
Attachment 2 - Clinical Inquiry Form-Revised
Attachment 3 -CPEST-Program-County-
Technical Lead-Assignments-May-2017-Revised

CCPC HOM # 16-14 ​July 11, 2016 End of Year- ProgressReport-Memo.pdf​​
Attachment1-End of Year Progress Report - Narrative.doc
Attachment 2-End of Year Progress Report - Outreach Workplan
Attachment 3-End of Year Progress Report - Contract List.doc
Attachment 4-End Of Year Progress Report - Expenditure Summary.xlsx
Attachment 5-End of Year Progress Report - PM Data.docx
CCPC HOM # 16-13​ July 19, 2016​ CDB_ Benchmarks_3rd_Quarter_FY16
CCPC HOM # 16-12 June 14, 2016​ Teleconference on CRF Cancer Program 
Wednesday June 15, 2016
Attachment 1A-Reimbursement Rate Schedules.pdf
Attachment 1B--CPEST-Reimbursement Rates All Cancers
Attachment 2--Attestation of Comprehensive Review of Subprovider Budgets.doc
CCPC HOM # 16-11​ June 13, 2016​ CPEST-Reimbursement Rate Schedules
CPEST-Reimbursement Rates All Cancers
CCPC HOM # 16-10​ April 28, 2016​ ​​FY17 -Grant Instruction-Memo.pdf
FY17 CPEST Grant-Application.doc
Appendix I_CPEST FY17 Budget Mark.pdf
Appendix II-Budget Expenditure Requirements.pdf
Appendix III_BudgetSummaryPage-Instructions.pdf
Attachment 1-Grant Submission Checklist.doc
Attachment 2-Coalition Attestation.doc
Attachment 3-Education and OutreachPlan.doc
Attachment 4 - Contract List.doc
Attachment 5-Attestation Form_Subcontractor Comprehensive Review.doc
Attachment 6-Inventory-of-Publicly-Funded-Cancer-Programs.doc
Attachment 7-Persons and Organizations Receiving CPEST Funding.xlsx
Attachment 8-Attestation Form_NonSupplantation.doc
Attachment 9-Budget Summary Page.xls
Attachment 10A-Budget-Justification-FC01N-Non-Clinical.doc
Attachment 10B-Budget-Justification-FC02N-Clinical-example.doc
Attachment 10C-Budget-Justification-FC03N-Administrative-example.doc
CCPC HOM # 16-09​ April 20, 2016​ Teleconference on CRF Cancer Program
Wednesday April 20, 2016.pdf
CCPC HOM # 16-08​ April 15, 2016​ CRC_ Benchmarks_2nd_Quarter_FY16.pdf
CCPC HOM # 16-07​ March 17, 2016​ Colonoscopy Feedback Report 2015.pdf
CCPC HOM # 16-06​ March 16, 2016​ Teleconference on CRF Cancer​ Program 
Wednesday March 16, 2016.pdf​
Attachment1-BCCP-CPEST FY 17 LHD Pilot Project Presentation.pdf
Attachment2-Pilot Project Overview.pdf
Attachment3-CPEST-Program-Technical Lead.pdf
CCPC HOM # 16-05​ February 17, 2016​ CDB Cycle Document Upload Requirement.pdf​​
Attachment1_CDB Cycle Document Upload Requirement.pdf
CCPC HOM # 16-04​ February 17, 2016​ Teleconference on CRF Cancer Program
Wednesday February 17, 2016.pdf

Attachment1a-CDB Cycle Document Upload Requirement.pdf
Attachment1b-CDB Cycle Document Upload Requirement.pdf
CCPC HOM # 16-03​ January 20, 2016​ Teleconference on CRF Cancer Program
Wednesday January 20, 2016.pdf

Attachment1-CDB Help Menu Tree.pdf
Attachment 2-New CDB Features.pdf
Attachment 3-New QA Reports.pdf
Attachment.4-PatientNavigationSummary-Sample Report.pdf
Attachment.5-PatientNavigation-BarriersSummary Sample Report.pdf
Attachment.6-PatientNavigation-ScreeningDiagnosisPayerConsistency-Sample Report.pdf
Attachment 8-ProgressReportReview-Patient Navigation.pdf
Attachment 9-CRF-CPEST- Important Due Dates.pdf

​CCPC HOM # 16-02 January 19, 2016​ Benchmarks_1st_Quarter_FY16.pdf
​CCPC HOM # 16-01
January 14, 2016  Mid-Year-ProgressReport-Memo.pdf