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Cancer Data in Maryland

Reports on cancer incidence and mortality; surveys of cancer risk and cancer screening; Maryland hospital discharge data; and tobacco-related data.

Cancer in Maryland:

The following reports/data are produced under the Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund Program (CRF Program). These reports focus on overall cancer incidence and mortality and on the 7 CRF targeted cancers: lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, cervical, skin, and oral. The reports contain information on new cancer cases and deaths; 5 year cancer numbers and deaths; cancer rates; maps; screening rates; and recommendations.

CCSC/SEU Mortality Data Suppression policy​

CRF Cancer Data 2019 (Includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2016)           ​                              CRF Cancer Report ​2018 (Includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2015)
CRF Cancer Data 2017 (Includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2014)
CRF Cancer Report 2016 (Includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2013)
CRF  Cancer Data 2015 (includes new​ cancer cases diagnosed in 2012)
CRF Cancer Report 2014 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2011)
CRF Cancer Data 2013 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2010)
CRF Cancer Report 2012 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2009)
CRF Cancer Data 2011 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2008)
CRF Cancer Report 2010 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2007)
CRF Cancer Report 2009 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2004, 2005, 2006)
CRF Cancer Report 2008 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2003)
CRF Cancer Report 2006 Amendment to the original report
CRF Cancer Report 2006 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2002)
CRF Cancer Report 2004​​​ (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2001)
CRF Cancer Report 2003 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 2000)
CRF Cancer Report 2002 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 1999)
CRF Cancer Report 2001 (includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 1998)
CRF Cancer Report 2000 (baseline - includes new cancer cases diagnosed in 1997)

Maryland Cancer Survey Reports of the CRF program:

Population-based survey information from Maryland or from selected groups:

Maryland Cancer Screening and Risk Behaviors Report, 2012
Maryland Cancer Screening and Risk Behaviors: At a Glance, 2012
Maryland Cancer Survivor Report, 2011
Maryland Cancer Screening and Risk Behaviors Report, 2010
Maryland Cancer Survivor Report, 2009
Maryland Cancer Survey, 2008
Baltimore City Cancer Survey, 2007 Report
Maryland Cancer Survey Report, 2006
Maryland Cancer Survey, Montgomery County Latino Cancer Survey, 2005
Maryland Cancer Survey Report, 2004
Maryland Cancer Survey Report, 2004, Physician Survey  
Maryland Cancer Survey Report, 2002

Colorectal Cancer Disparities in Maryland:

In 2012, the Center for Cancer Prevention and Control published a report on colorectal cancer disparities in Maryland. The report represents the implementation of an objective in the Colorectal Cancer chapter of the Maryland Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, 'By 2015, produce an epidemiology report of colorectal cancer data highlighting colorectal cancer disparities.'

Colorectal Cancer Disparities Report

Maryland Hospital Services Cost Review Committee (HSCRC) Reports:

Hospital discharge data with cancer listed in the diagnosis in Maryland.

HSCRC 2010 Report
HSCRC 2009 Report ​
HSCRC 2008 Report
HSCRC 2007 Report
HSCRC 2006 Report
HSCRC 2005 Report
HSCRC 2004 Report
HSCRC 2003 Report
HSCRC 2002 Report
HSCRC 2001 Report
HSCRC 2000 Report
HSCRC 1999 Report

Maryland Cancer Registry Reports:

New cases and deaths from cancer in Maryland by type of cancer

2017 Incidence & Mortality Report

2016 Incidence & Mortality 
2015 Incidence & Mortality (Revised)​
2014 Incidence & Mortality
2013 Incidence & Mortality
2012 Incidence & Mortality
2011 Incidence & Mortality
2010 Incidence & Mortality
2009 Incidence & Mortality
2008 Incidence & Mortality​ ​​

Cancer in Maryland Incidence Report (Selected Tables) Years 2002-2007

2001 Incidence & Mortality
2000 Incidence & Mortality
1999 Incidence & Mortality
1998 Incidence & Mortality

Tobacco Reports from the CRF Program:

CRF Program Tobacco Repor​ts​

Maryland Vital Statistics Annual Reports:

Cancer death (mortality) information

Vital Statistic Annual Report​