Diabetes Action Plan

About the Diabetes Action Plan

​The Maryland Department of Health created a Diabetes Action Plan to reduce the burden of diabetes in Maryland. The plan is a collaborative effort between health care partners and community-based organizations to align efforts, resources and funding.​

The plan recommends a multi-faceted strategy, including:
  • Expanding nutrition and obesity prevention programs in every community
  • Sharing data among health care providers, program providers and state agencies
  • Supporting healthy eating at worksites, health systems and school cafeterias
  • Assessing the food supply chain to address food pricing and access to healthy foods
  • Increasing opportunities for students to have physical activity during and after the school day
  • Referring overweight​ children and adults to evidence-based weight and lifestyle counseling
  • Engaging partners to support state-of-the-art diabetes care including the use of telemedicine, case managers and community workers

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