Frequently Asked Questions

1. What must I have to do in order to work as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant in the State of Maryland?
You must be licensed by the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners before working in Maryland.

2. If I am licensed in another state may I work, under supervision, until I receive my Maryland license?
No. We will assist you in receiving your Maryland license as quickly as possible. However, the Board can not exempt you from the requirement of having a Maryland license.

3. How do I become licensed in Maryland?

  • By examination - General requirements for licensure are evidence of graduation from an approved physical therapy or physical therapist assistant curriculum (whichever is applicable) and a passing score on the national licensing examination.
  • By endorsement - You meet the general requirements, including a passing score on the national licensing examination, and currently licensed in another state.
  • By transfer of exam scores - You have registered to take the licensing examination in another state and not yet received a license in that state.

4. What is a passing score on the national licensing examination?
A passing  score is the criterion referenced score set by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

5. What happens if I fail the national licensing examination?
If you fail the examination, you must repeat it. You may take the exam a total of three times within a year, a total of six times in all. The year starts with your first exam date.

6. If I fail the examination for a physical therapist can I take the exam for a physical therapist assistant?
No.  You must take the exam for which you were educated.

7.Once I receive my permanent license, is it subject to renewal, and if so, when?
All licenses are subject to renewal.  Licenses are renewed on an odd-even basis.  Even-numbered licenses renew in even-numbered years and odd-numbered licenses renew in odd-numbered year. To renew a license, you must complete the renewal application online, pay the renewal fee, and submit evidence of the required continuing education units. Notices of renewal are mailed, or the licensee is notified electronically in March of the year of renewal. All renewals must be completed online by May 20th.

8.  What are the requirements for a foreign-educated physical therapist?
The basic requirements are the same as that of a physical therapist educated in the United States.  Please refer to question 3.  Your core physical therapist education must be evaluated by a Board-approved credentialing agency and must be considered comparable to a US degree in physical therapy at the time of graduation.  In addition, you must show evidence of oral competency in the English language. Acceptable evidence is an oral competency certificate from your university or successful scores on a current TOEFL examination.  

9. What shall I do if I believe someone is violating the Physical Therapy Practice Act?
It is your legal and ethical responsibility to report any suspected violation of the law to the Board.  Violators may include unlicensed persons who aid and abet the illegal and unsafe practice of physical therapy as well as physical therapists or physical therapist assistants who are practicing outside the scope of law.
For your convenience, the complaint form is available on this page.

10. How do I change my name?
In order for us to make a name change, you must mail, fax or email the board a copy of your marriage license, divorce decree, or any other legal document bearing your current name and the name being changed to.
Let us know exactly how you want your new name to read.
As per your request, this office will update your file with the name change indicated.
You will not automatically be issued a new license, a license bearing the new name is automatic at your next renewal.
If you require a new license, we will accommodate you upon receipt of a written request, and a fee of $75, check or money order, payable to MD Board of PT.

More detailed information regarding the licensure process may be obtained by calling the Board office at (410) 764-4746 or (410) 764-4752. You can also contact us by e-mail at deborah.jackson@maryland.gov​.