How to File a Complaint

The Board is charged with investigating and acting upon complaints against licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. If your complaint is against a health professional other than a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant, contact the Board Office for the proper addressee. However, if your complaint involves physical therapy care, this information is certainly of interest to the Board and the complaint form should be completed and forwarded to the Board.

All complaints made to the Board are required by State law to be investigated. Such investigations may take ninety days and in some cases, more. If the Board decides to bring charges against a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant and to hold a hearing thereon, advance notice will be given to the licensee to enable preparation of a defense. Therefore, in most cases, there is a considerable time lapse between the filing of the complaint and the hearing, if one is held. In all cases, you will be advised as to the outcome of your complaint

Download Complaint Form

​​In order to assit in knowing when a complaint should be filed the Board has made a brochure available. The brochure describes who is responsible to file a complaint and when it should be filed.