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Notice of Public Meeting  ​

Subject: Public Open Meeting
Date: Friday, Sept 17, 2021
Time: 10:30 a.m.
Join by Google Meet:
Call-in number: +1 318-490-8214‬
Access code: 538 706 940‬#

---Open Session Agenda---

  • Clarification Regarding ADT Practice
    Alcohol and drug trainees are authorized by statute to provide alcohol and drug counseling under the supervision of approved alcohol and drug supervisors. The approved supervisors are authorized by law to use telehealth in providing those services; thus, the trainees would similarly be authorized to provide these services using telehealth (under the conditions set forth in statute and regulation). The Secretary of Health’s April 6, 2020 Order was a clarification of that existing authority, as is the 2021 legislation effective on October 1, 2021 (Ch. 797, Acts of 2021).

  • Teletherapy Change
    At the beginning of the state of emergency, the Secretary issued an order allowing out-of-state providers, not licensed in Maryland, to provide teletherapy to existing clients for as long as the state of emergency was in effect. This was done to allow students and others who were forced to locate in Maryland to continue to see their existing counselor. In light of the Governor's announcement that the state of emergency would end on July 1, the Order ended on that date by operation of law.

  • Information re: LPC Interstate Compact Stakeholder Review
  • 5/6/2020 Update: Executive Order
  • 4/6/2020 Update:


NEW: 3/8/21 -BHA Clinical Letter Helping the Helpers

2/5/21 -  Resources for Health Care Professionals

The Maryland Department of Health will update resources for health care professionals as they become available. The Department urges you to regularly check their vaccine dashboards for more information:

1/20/21: Contacting MDH regarding the prioritization of COVID-19 vaccinations 

1/12/21: COVID-19 Vaccination Prioritization and Allocation 

1/5/21: MDH Order Requiring Reporting of Covid-19 Vaccine Administration 

1/1/21: Amended Directive and Order Regarding Vaccination Matters 

7/1/20 COVID -19 Update - MDH Order - Amended Various Healthcare Matters - COVID Testing on Demand

Update 03/17/2020:
The State of Maryland is in Phase II Level II Pandemic Response Operations. Accordingly, Board staff is on a limited and restricted work schedule. We will make every effort to respond to email and phone messages in a timely manner during this time. The processing of new applications and other functions will also be affected. Please note that visitors are not permitted in the building for any reason and documents may not be dropped off at Board offices under any circumstances. Please check the Board's website for up to date information regarding the Covid 19 pandemic response.

**UPDATED** FAQ 04/09/2020 - Covid-19

The Maryland Department of Health has provided information about the - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak

Attention New Applicants: Maryland Law Assessment (MLA)​​​

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