A Whistleblower complaint is a complaint filed by an employee alleging that a retaliatory, personnel action was taken against the employee, for the employee’s disclosure of impropriety in government.

The Annotated Code of Maryland, State Personnel and Pensions §5-301, states “this subtitle applies to all employees and State employees who are applicants for positions in the Executive Branch of the State government, including a unit with an independent personnel system.”

A complaint must be filed within six (6) months after the Complainant first knew of or reasonably should have known of the violation.

Within 60 days after a complaint is received, the complaint shall be investigated to determine whether a violation has occurred. The head of the principal unit or designee in this case the Maryland Department of Budget and Management’s, Statewide Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator, shall issue a written decision to the parties.

Within ten (10) days after receiving a decision, a Complainant may appeal the decision to the Office of Administrative Hearings. The decision of the Office of Administrative Hearings is final.

 To file a Whistleblower complaint, contact the Office of the Statewide Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator at:

 Maryland Department of Budget and Management

Office of the Statewide EEO Coordinator (OSEEOC)

301 West Preston Street, #607

Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: (410) 767-3800

Fax: (410) 333-5004