DHMH Limited English Proficiency Coordinators


Please direct your questions to the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit staff:              

Delinda Johnson Blake  | Delinda.Blake@maryland.gov​  |  (410) 767-5184

 Tina Smith |   Tina.Smith1@maryland.gov  | (410) 767-6597​

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Language Assistance to Persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

     To ensure that persons with limited English skills can effectively access services, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s (DHMH) Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (OEOP), Equal Access Compliance Unit has provided guidance to its local Limited English Proficiency Coordinators (LLEPC).

     DHMH LLEPCs act as the liaison between the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit and their office/agency to address LEP concerns by assisting employees, clients, the general public who are limited English proficient, as well as other staff tasked with ensuring LEP individuals have equal access to services offered through DHMH and its programs. 

      The LLEPC also disseminates LEP information to the local entity staff and clientele, coordinates translation and interpretation services, where applicable, produces records and reports LEP data annually by July 30th, attends training, assists with training staff within their agency or office and forwards complaints of discrimination related to the delivery of services based on national origin or non-compliance of the LEP policy to the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit.




Materials to assist DHMH LEP Coordinators


 ​To obtain contractor rates for interpretation, translation and visual communication services, please contact the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit at (410) 767-6600.  Rate sheets are internal confidential documents and are not to be shared with offices or agencies outside of DHMH.


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