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Maryland WIC Farmers

Welcome to the Maryland WIC Program’s farmer web page. Here you will be able to download information most requested by WIC Farmers. We hope you find this site helpful. If you have questions or need additional information or assistance, please call Terri Buckler at 410-767-5722.

We are also available toll free at 1-800-242-4WIC(4942).

Important Information about Becoming an Authorized WIC Farmer

Two types of benefits are distributed by the WIC Program for the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables; the WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) check (administered by the Maryland State Department of Agriculture) and the WIC fruit and vegetable benefit (FVB) (administered by the Maryland Department of Health). Only Farmers authorized by the Maryland State Department of Agriculture to accept Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) checks are eligible to apply to the Maryland Department of Health to redeem WIC FVBs. To simplify the process for you, one application has been created that is shared between the two Departments and allows you to apply for FMNP or FMNP and WIC FVB at the same time.

WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks

The WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program provides approximately $30.00 worth of checks to qualifying WIC participants each Farmers’ Market season. The checks are distributed during the summer months in WIC clinics that were specifically selected based on their closeness to a Farmers’ Market. Farmers’ Markets are a focus of WIC nutrition education and are promoted by WIC staff throughout the market season. The FMNP check can be redeemed by FMNP authorized farmers through November 30, and are deposited in the farmers’ bank.

WIC Fruit and Vegetable Benefits (FVBs)

The WIC Program provides FVBs to eligible participants each month. These benefits can be redeemed by​​ a WIC authorized vendor (grocery store) or a WIC authorized farmer. Since April 2021, WIC participants have received an increase in their fruit and vegetable benefits. Congress has approved a continuing resolution that will extend the increase until December 31, 2022. Children will receive $25, pregnant women $44, and breastfeeding moms $49​.

Maryland WIC has introduced ​a new solution to processing WIC FVBs at farmers markets and your farm stand. Sign up for S3 Merchant Link, download the app to your phone, and start accepting eWIC fruits and vegetables.

Did we mention that it's completely free!

  • No set up fees!
  • No transactional fees!
  • No cancellation fees!
  • No additional equipment!

Introductory webinars were held in May 2022. In case you missed these opportunities, we are including the link of the recorded meeting below. We are also including a list of FAQs to help answer any common questions that may arise about this exciting new app.

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Terri Buckler at terri.buckler@maryland.gov.

FAQs - S3 Merchant Link App by Solutran

An Introduction to S3 Merchant Link — recorded webinar​


Applying to be an Authorized WIC Farmer:

Applications are being accepted from farmers to become authorized by the Maryland WIC Program to accept WIC FVBs at participating Farmers’ Markets.

If you’d like to be a FMNP authorized farmer and be able to accept WIC FVBs at the farmers’ market or your home farm stand, please follow the steps below:

  • Attend a Maryland Department of Agriculture training session, see training schedule below.
  • Complete the farmer's application on Maryland's One Stop, located here.
  • Once your application is reviewed and approved, Maryland's One Stop will email y​ou the Farmer Agreement to sign electronically.
  • Instructions for accepting WIC FVBs will be provided once the application process is completed.

  • Farmer resources:

  • Farmer ​Applicati​on ​​
  • 2022​ FMNP/SFMNP Training Schedule​​
  • Farmers Handbook Effective 2019 ​
  • Farmer C​omplaint Form
  • 2019 Farmer's Market Cookbook
  • 2019 Farmer's Market Cookbook - Spanish
  • 2020 Farmer's Market Cookbook ​​
  • 2021 Farmer's Market Cookbook ​​
  • 2021 Farmer's Market Cookbook - Spanish ​​
  • 2022 Farmer's Market Cookbook
  • 2022 Farmer's Market Cookbook - Spanish​

  • Maryland's Best
    Maryland's Best
    Farmer's Market Directory
    Farmer's Market Directory

    Click here to visit the Maryland Department of Agriculture for more information about Maryland Farmers Markets.

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