​​​Maryland PRAMS 

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)

PRAMS for Researchers
Maryland PRAMS data is available for research purposes.  Beginning with 2001 births, reports are completed annually and present a large selection of the state data.  These reports can be accessed online at the Maryland PRAMS Reports site. Focus briefs on certain topics (such as postpartum depression, quality of prenatal care, and births to Hispanic women) are also available at the Maryland PRAMS Reports site.
Researchers will be able to analyze PRAMS data in real-time at the PRAMS and Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) site.  Here, you can choose from a large selection of variables and look at the results within seconds. Registration is required to access the site and is free to all visitors.

Researchers within MDH may request additional data by following instructions on the Maryland PRAMS Data Request Form.

Researchers outside MDH require IRB approval which must first be obtained from the Director of the Vital Statistics Administration and the Maryland PRAMS Principal Investigator.  Please follow the instructions found on the Maryland PRAMS Data Request for non-MDH researcher

Check the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) PRAMS website for more information about the national PRAMS project.

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