Maryland PRAMS

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)

In Maryland, new mothers are sent a PRAMS Survey booklet consisting of approximately 75-80 questions. Along with the Survey, mothers are sent an introductory letter, question and answer brochure about PRAMS, calendar, resource brochure, and an incentive for completing the Survey. These materials are available in English and Spanish. Mothers who do not complete the Survey by mail are given the opportunity to complete the Survey by phone interview.

Click below to see the survey questions asked beginning with 2016 births.

Click below to see the survey questions asked for 2012 - 2015 births.  


Click here to see the survey questions asked for 2004 - 2008 births. 

Each of the 40 states participating in PRAMS has a series of standardized core questions. Topics covered in the PRAMS survey range from quality of care to stress during pregnancy, including:
  • attitudes and feelings about most recent pregnancy
  • content and source of prenatal care
  • maternal alcohol and tobacco use
  • physical abuse before and during pregnancy
  • infant health care
  • maternal living conditions
  • breastfeeding
  • folic acid use
  • knowledge of pregnancy-related health issues


In addition, Maryland has more detailed questions concerning:
  • assisted reproduction (fertility drugs)
  • flu vaccination
  • automobile safety
  • depression and anxiety
  • oral health
  • social services
  • prenatal care
  • contraception use


For additional information on PRAMS, please visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site.
Updated 7/2017