Glossary of Slang Terms

Common Slang Terms: weed, pot, grass, Mary Jane, ganja, herb, dope, chronic, bud, joint (marijuana in a cigarette), blunt (marijuana in a cigar), chemo, spliff (marijuana in a cigarette), shake, 420, blaze (to smoke marijuana), Don Juan, roach (marijuana in a cigarette), seeds, toke (to smoke marijuana), yellow submarine1
Common Slang Terms: smack, brown sugar, dead president junk, big H, china white, brown crystal, diesel, hard candy, rambo, red rock, silk, white junk, hell dust1,2
Common Slang Terms: powder, crack, freebase, coca, dust, nose candy, base or basing, blow, nose powder, white powder, big C, yay/yao/yam1,2
Common Slang Terms: speed, crystal, poor man’s cocaine, redneck cocaine, tweak, crank, ice, black beauty, blue devils, chrome, clear, Mexican crack, pink1,2
Prescription Drugs
Common Slang Terms:
Oxycontin – 40-bar, hillbilly heroin, OCs, oxy1
Fentanyl – china girl, fat albert, king ivory, murder 81
Central Nervous System Depressants – blue angels, downers, blue devil, idiot pills, lay back, barbies, Mickey’s, pink ladies, mother’s little helper, soft balls
Ritalin – hyper drug/pill, study drug, vitamin R, west coast1
Common Slang Terms:
LSD - 100’s, acid, haze, California sunshine, black acid, crystal tea, blue vials, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, pink panther, Mickey’s, white lightning1
Ecstasy - E, flipping, happy pill, E-bombs, love pill, Jerry Garcia, X1
PCP – angel dust, crazy coke, embalming fluid, animal tranquilizer, elephant tranquilizer, lethal weapon, star dust, heaven & hell, K, magic dust, rocket fuel1
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