Women's Health

Our Goal

The goal of the Women's Health Program is to assess and address health issues that commonly, uniquely, or disproportionately affect women throughout their lifespan. In addition, the Women's Health Program supports activities that not only prevent disease but also improves the psychological and physical wellbeing of Maryland women.​

Health of Maryland Women Report
The Health of Maryland Women 2014”, produced by the Women’s Health Program within the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, provides an overview of key women’s health issues by race, ethnicity and age across the lifespan. 

The Women’s Health Program actively advocates for the prevention of chronic medical conditions by supporting healthy behaviors early in life and treatment of problems before they worsen.  Targeting young women not only helps women lead healthier lives later on but for those who desire to have children in the future, it also prevents adverse pregnancy outcomes for both the mother and her baby.  A women’s wellness program is an important part of women’s health, preconception health and interconception health.