Why Does Workplace Wellness Matter

​'Workplace Wellness' describes business efforts to improve employee health and wellbeing through health-promoting programs, policies, benefits, and environmental supports. Workplace wellness programs often focus on nutrition, daily physical activity in and out of the workplace, smoking cessation, and preventive care. Many workplaces are increasing their support for employee mental health as well, recognizing the important connections between stress, work-life balance, access to mental health care, and overall health. 

Workplace Wellness Initiatives are good for:

Businesses: Increasing morale, productivity, and employee retention, while decreasing absenteeism and healthcare costs.

Employees: Helping employees build healthy habits, reduce risk for chronic diseases, and manage their healthcare needs.

​​​Communities: Extending benefits to employees’ family members, promoting healthier lifestyles throughout the community, and building a thriving local economy.