How to Join

Information on How to Join

Joining HMB is a no-cost step you can take to create a culture of health in your workplace. 

There are just two steps:

  1. Complete the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard.
  2. Add the Maryland Department of Health as an administrator on your ScoreCard account (see instructions below).
That’s it! Once we receive notice of your ScoreCard submission, you will be considered an Active HMB. You can use the HMB logo in your business and you will gain access to our resources, technical assistance, webinars, and peer network. You will also be eligible for additional recognition and funding opportunities.
Adding MDH as an Administrator on your CDC ScoreCard Account​

Completing the CDC ScoreCard every year allows businesses to identify strengths and challenges in their workplace health initiatives, set goals, and evaluate progress. The HMB team uses ScoreCard data to provide enhanced technical assistance and improve the benefits we offer our members. 

When prompted, enter this information:

​​First Name: MDH
Last Name: Administrator
Email Address:
​​Job Type: Other: MDH Administrator 
​​​​ScoreCard Completion: No 
​​​​​​Point of Contact: No 
Click OK. An email will be sent that alerts MDH they have been added as an administrator. 

Please note, you or a member of your team should also be added as the point of contact administrator.​​