​Our Mission:

To protect Maryland consumers and to promote quality healthcare in the field of pharmacy through licensing pharmacists and registering pharmacy technicians, issuing permits to pharmacies and distributors, setting pharmacy practice standards and through developing and enforcing
regulations and legislation, resolving complaints, and educating the public.

Our Vision:

Setting a standard for pharmaceutical services, which ensure safety and quality health care for the citizens of Maryland.

​Values and Guiding Principles

INTEGRITY – The Board selected integrity as its over-arching value. It is defined
through the following guiding principles:
Treating all parties served in ways that will demonstrate that the Board of Pharmacy is
honest, impartial, professionally competent, consistent and ethical; that all of the
Board’s actions and judgments are legal and appropriately serves customers and
The Board respects and appropriately maintains the confidentiality of the individuals
and groups that it represents and regulates.

Quality Service
The Board offers accurate, timely and appropriate services to customers and
stakeholders by being responsive, accessible, respectful, attentive, consistent and
tactful in accordance with its unified vision.
The Board carries out disciplinary and licensing activities in an impartial,
comprehensive and appropriate manner.
The Board addresses issues in accordance with established written guidelines, polices,
and procedures.

Decisions are made after gathering and analyzing all pertinent information available
from all parties involved.