Doula Provider Information

Policy and Guidance 

On 2/21​/22, Maryland published regulations for doula/birth workers. These regulations detail the qualifications and scope of services that doulas/birth workers are held to. 

For more information about Maryland Medicaid's program, see the Doula Prog​​​​ram​​.  

Provider Enrollment Resources

All doula/birth worker providers must be enrolled with Maryland Medicaid’s electronic Provider Revalidation and Enrollment Portal (ePREP).  ePREP is the one-stop shop for provider enrollment, re-enrollment, revalidation, information updates and demographic changes.  Click here to enroll in ePREP as a Doula Provider with Medicaid.

​General Resources

e-PREP Webinar Materials

January 25th, 2022, 12:30-2:00pm for Group Doula Practices

​January 26th, 2022, 3:00-4:30pm for Individually Practicing Doulas​

Visit our Provider ePREP resources page for additional resources to assist with enrolling into ePREP. 

Once enrolled in ePREP, Providers use eMedicaid to submit claims for reimbursement. More information and billing tutorials can be found on the eMedicaid website.  

Submitting Claims Resources

Approved Training Organization Websites

Contact information

​For questions about Maryland Medicaid’s Doula program, email ​​