Serology Lab

​​Laboratory Scientist Supervisor
Nazia Qur​eshi​ Ph.D
443-681-3931 ​

The Serology Laboratory identifies disease-causing microbes (pathogens) through a variety of diagnostic laboratory techniques. The Laboratory detects these pathogens through isolation and identification techniques (direct identification), or through the detection of antibodies found in the infected person's blood as a response to the specific pathogen (indirect identification). Direct identification of Legionella & Leptospira is available. Indirect identification of a variety of arbovirus, tick borne, bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases is also available. Serological testing is often used for obtaining information that can be used to stop the spre​ad of disease within a given community (outbreak investigation and identification).
Testing is available for Syphilis Serology, Arbovirus Serology, and Microbial Serology.  The Serology Lab also coordinates the shipment of serological specimens to the CDC for analysis. Please contact the laboratory for guidance regarding specimen submission.