Hepatitis/Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Laboratory Information

Laboratory Scientist Supervisor
Jose Ortega Ph.D

Fax Numbers: 443-681-3844 or 443-681-4508

The Vaccine Preventable Disease Program offers a qualitative detection of viral markers for hepatitis A, B, and C in human serum and plasma us​ing a chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay (CMIA).

The laboratory also offers serological testing to detect MMRV viral IgG antibodies to local health departments and state hospitals.

If MMRV testing is needed to investigate infectious disease outbreaks, providers are asked to contact communicable disease professionals at their local health department. If testing is indicated for IgM antibodies, it must be authorized by a DHMH epidemiologist prior to submission.

The laboratory offers a single-specimen serology test to confirm outbreaks for B. pertussis.  The anti-pertussis IgG antibody ELISA is used to detect elevated IgG antibody titers that tend to rise two weeks after the onset of symptoms and persist after the infection is resolved.  Specimens can only be submitted by a DHMH epidemiologist.​