Other Approved CEUs​​

NUMBER             SPONSOR  
1.      ​Health and Safety Institute​Child/Infant CPR and AED Supplement​N/A​03/12/2020
2.      ​Dr. Jessie Jutkowitz​Advanced Biostructural Correction (Advanced Seminar)​12.0​03/12/2020
3.      ​Standard Process Med-Atlantic​Essentials of a Comprehensive Nutritional Practice​7.0​03/21/2020
4.      ​Institute of Natural Resources​Marijuana & Cannabinoids: What Health Professionals Need to Know​6.0​01/09/2020
5.      ​Katherine Bodenberg, D.C.​The McGill 2 Masters Course​16.0​01/09/2020
6.      ​Chiro Ist Chiropractic​Mulligan Concept Upper Quarter​13.0​01/08/2020
7.      ​Postural Restoration Institute​Myokinematic Restoration​15.0​01/09/2020
8.      ​PESI, Inc.​Spanish for Health Care providers​15.75​05/14/2020
9.      ​PESI, Inc.​Treating Torticollis: Going Beyond Just the Neck​12.75​05/14/2020
10.   ​Drs. Allen Manison and Dr. Josh Bros​Dry Needling Recertification Class​  3.0​06/13/2020
11.   ​MSK+​Neurodynamics - Upper and Lower Quadrant 1​30.0​07/09/2020
12.   Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute - The 8th Annual Thought Leaders Consortium​Immune Rejuvenation & Personalized Lifestyle Medicine in a Pandemic Era​14.0​08/17/2020
13.   ​MSK Masters, Dr. Randy Moore​MSK Masters Diagnostic Ultrasound Core Curriculum​18.0​08/19/2020
14.   Leslie Howard​​Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training20.0​​11/12/2020
15.   ​Apollo HealthReCode 2.0​​20.011/12/2020​
16.   ​Dry Needling Institute​Chiropractic Assistant Radiological Technologist103/17/2021
17.   ​Dry Needling Institute​​Dry Needling for Craniofacial, Cervicothoracic & Upper Extremity27​  03/17/2021
18.   ​NET, Inc.​NET Advanced and NEXT" (Neuro Emotional Technique)247/12/2021
19.   ​John Hess, DC​N​Essentials of a Comprehensive Nutritional Practice709/​02/2021
20.   Institute for Natural Resources​​Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) & Influenza4.0​11/04/2021​
21.   ​Institute for Natural ResourcesUnderstanding Pain: Migraines, Headaches, Neck and Low Back Pain​6.0​10/04/2021​
22.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Mandatory DC Core Courses: 3 Hr. Communicable Disease, 4 Hr. Risk Management, 4 Hr. Maryland Jurisprudence, 1 Hr. Cultural Competency & Diversity12.0​09/09/2021​
23.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Ancillary Diagnostic Testing Procedures12.0​09/09/2021​
24.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Chiropractic Sports Medicine12.0​09/09/2021​
25.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Current Trends in Chiropractic Practice & Treatment12.0​09/09/2021​
26.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Diagnosis & Treatment of Nutritional Deficiencies & Diseases12.0​09/09/2021​
27.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Geriatric Health Care12.0​09/09/2021​
28.   ​The Wise DC, IncGuide to Acupuncture Pain Management12.0​09/09/2021​
29.   ​The Wise DC, IncGuide to Communicable Disease12.0​09/09/2021​
30.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Guide to Contemporary Weight Loss & Fitness12.0​09/09/2021​
31.   ​The Wise DC, IncGuide to Sports Injury Treatment & Sports Performance12.0​09/09/2021​
32.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Opioid Drug Abuse Awareness12.0​09/09/2021​
33.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Pain Management12.0​09/09/2021​
34.   ​The Wise DC, Inc​Sports Injuries12.0​09/09/2021​
35.   ​The Wise DC, IncTrigger Point Therapy12.0​09/09/2021​
36.   ​The Wise DC, IncX-ray Fundamentals ​12.0​09/09/2021​
37.   Myopain Seminars​Dry Needling 1: Foundations 1​​27.0​03/15/2022​
38.   Vestibular Rehabilitation Institute​​Foundations in Concussion Evaluation & Rehabilitation15.0​​03/15/2022​
39.   Institute for Natural Resource​​Diversity and Cultural Competence: Considerations for Health Professionals​​3.007/14/2022​​
40.   Institute for Natural Resource​​​Organic Food For Thought3.0​07/14/2022​
41.   Institute for Natural Resource​​Building Resilience through Mindfulness​​​6.0​​07/14/2022​
42.   ​Josh Bross, D.C.​12 Hr. Dry Needling Certification Class-Lower Extremity​12.0​05/13/2021
43.   ​Josh Bross, D.C.12 Hr. Dry Needling Certification Class-Upper Extremity​​12.0​05/13/2021
44.   ​Institute for Natural Resources (INR)Nutrition & Healthy Lifespan: Current Concepts in Diet and Aging​​​​4.0​​09/08/2022
45.   ​Institute for Natural Resources (INR)Better Habits, Better Health: Preventing & Managing Chronic Illness​​​6.0​​09/08/2022
46.   ​Institute for Natural Resources (INR)Food as Medicine: Hope or Hype?​​​4.0​​09/08/2022
47.   ​Institute for Natural Resources (INR)Understanding Aging & Longevity: The Biopsychosocial Process​6.0​​09/08/2022
48.   ​Institute for Natural Resources (INR)​The Sleep-Loss Epidemic: Understanding & Managing Sleep Disorders ​​​6.0​​09/08/2022