Chiropractic Applicants, Licensing and Registration  


  • Doctor of Chiropractic License Application   
    • Unofficial Copies of Undergraduate Transcript and Chiropractic Transcript (Official Transcripts must be requested to be sent directly to this Board)
    • Certificate of Moral Character x 2 (sent to board by D.C timely)
    • Copy of Provider Level CPR
    • Criminal History Records Check - Fingerprinting Instructions  
      • MD Fingerprinting Form - In State Only
      • Out of State Fingerprinting MUST contact Board of Fingerprint Card first
  • D.C. Application for Re-examination
  • Special Accommodations Request (Requires medical/school documentation)  

Licensed Chiropractors

Chiropractic Assistant Applicants

Stage 1 - (4 page packet with all required documents must be submitted)
Stage 2  
  • 4 Month Review Form
    • Form MUST include copy of CPR certification and Proof of enrollment in Board approved CA Instructional Coursework
Stage 3 - the following application (with all required fees and documentation) must be  
                remitted by the deadline date complete.

Additional Forms