​What is a Licensed Graduate Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LGADC)?

A LGADC is an individual approved by the Board to practice graduate alcohol and drug counseling under the supervision of an approved alcohol and drug supervisor while fulfilling the supervised clinical experience for licensure under Maryland law. LGADCs cannot supervise others. 

What are the requirements to become a LGADC?

To be eligible, one must have a master’s or doctoral degree in a health or human services counseling field (or a field deemed substantially equivalent by the Board) from a regionally accredited educational institution approved by the Board. In addition, one must have completed specific course requirements and passed both the MAC exam and the Maryland law exam. See COMAR for requirements.

How long can I be a LGADC?

The graduate license expires after two years. If the graduate alcohol and drug counselor licensee is unable to accumulate the required clinical hours for licensure as a clinical alcohol and drug counselor in 2 years, the graduate alcohol and drug counselor may apply for a 2-year renewal of a license as a graduate alcohol and drug counselor, up to a maximum of 6 years. See COMAR​ for further details.