Maryland Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is a statewide effort to better understand the issues associated with fetal and infant mortality and morbidity and to develop strategies that improve perinatal systems of care, locally and statewide. 
  • Describes and defines the community's health.
  • Builds knowledge of service delivery.
  • Improves communication among providers.
  • Identifies gaps in services.
  • Builds collaborative improvements to service delivery systems.
  • Implements creative solutions to identified needs.
I.   Case Review
II.  Community Action
III.  Interventions
VI.  Improved Maternal and Infant Health
An INTERVIEW is conducted with the mother and/or family members who have suffered the poor pregnancy outcome. A professional with training in grief counseling listens to the family and determines the needs of the family and refers them, if requested, to the appropriate bereavement support and/or community resources.
INFORMATION GATHERING is completed by a qualified abstractor of medical records. Sources of data may include vital statistics data, prenatal, delivery, neonatal and pediatric records, autopsy, and other relevant documents

The CASE REVIEW TEAM (CRT) is composed of expert members from the health care sector and other systems of care in the community (physicians, nurses, social workers, community agencies, citizens and others) who review a summary of the case information to identify issues with systems of care and make recommendations for community and systems change to improve the services to mothers and babies.
The COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM (CAT) is a diverse group of community leaders who review CRT recommendations, assess their importance, and design, develop, and implement strategies for change to assure that mothers and infants receive high quality health care.
Confidentiality of all information is strictly maintained. Identifiers, such as names of family members, provider, or institutional information are removed from all cases brought before the Case Review Team. All team members sign an agreement to keep all the information confidential. 
Updated 2/2011