Center for Food Emergency Response and Defense


The Center for Food Emergency Response and Defense (CFERD) is responsible for overseeing the State’s foodborne outbreak planning and all-hazards food emergency response. CFERD coordinates with Local Health Departments, other State and Federal Agencies to conduct investigations, collect product samples, and report manufacturing recalls.

The State of Maryland Rapid Response Team (SMarRRT) is also located within the Center and works collaboratively with Office of Food Protection Centers, the MDH Infectious Disease Bureau, the MDH Laboratories Administration​ and the Maryland Department of Agriculture​. SMarRRT serves as a liaison with FDA, CDC and USDA.

The food emergency response page provides guidance for the general public on food recalls and on preparing and responding to food related issues during natural disasters or other emergency situations. 

The food emergency response page also provides food defense guidance for retail and food manufacturing firms on protecting the food supply against unintentional or intentional acts that may create food that is unsafe to eat.

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