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The Center for Food Processing (CFP) is resp​onsible for licensing and inspecting food processing facilities in the State of Maryland. 

A Food Processing Plant is an operation that makes, processes, stores, or distributes food to sell wholesale to other businesses that will re-sell the food.  Types of Food Processing Plants include: food processing or manufacturing, including on-farm processing;  canneries; soft drink and bottled water plants; seafood plants; crab meat picking plants; shellfish​ operations; warehouses; and food transportation vehicles.​

Licensed Food Processing Plants are inspected by Center for Food Processing (CFP) staff to ensure compliance with applicable State (Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Subtitle 15 Food) and ​Federal (Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)) laws and regulations.  In addition to COMAR 10.15.04: Food Processing, some food products and processes may also be regulated under specialty foods/process​​ regulations at the state and federal level. ​

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also conducts inspections in licensed Maryland Food Processing Plants who fall under federal jurisdiction to ensure compliance with federal laws and regulations.  As a result of the federal Food Safety Modernization Act ​industry is required to comply with new federal rules regarding food protection. 

To apply to operate as a new food processing or manufacturing plant, you must first submit plans to the Center for Facility​ and Process Review (FAPR).​​  Once plans are reviewed and approved by FAPR, and you are ready to begin operation you may apply for a license through the Center for Food Processing.  You will be assigned an inspector who will conduct routine inspections based on your operation type. 

If you have questions, comments, or complaints regarding food processed in Maryland, contact us at (410) 767-8400.  All questions, comments, or complaints regarding foods processed outside the state of Maryland can be directed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)​.

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Food Safety Organizations

​​​AFDO​ (Association of Food and Drug Officials)

FSPCA (Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance)​

Export Certificates 

Food processors wanting an Export C​ertificate or Free Sale Certificate should go to the FDA Online Export ​Certificate Application   website.  For Certificates of Health, Certificates of Origin and Health, and GMP Certificates, please contact MDH-CFP