Posted 7-20-16

2016 MD Massage Renewal Postcard (mailed via USPS)

Posted 7-20-16

MD Massage Therapy Renewal Newsletter (mailed via USPS)
Deputy Director's Letter
Renewal Instructions & Procedures

Posted 8-1-16

  • Board Letter - Tax Delinquency & Child Support Notification (Mailed)
  • Board Letter - Failure to Notify of a Change of Address (Mailed)

Posted 8-28-16

REACTIVATION FORM 2016-2018 (Effective 08/2016)

REINSTATEMENT FORM 2016-2018 (Effective 08/2016)

Posted 10-20-16

Application for Replacement License/Registration


What do I Need Before I Begin to Renew My License or Registration Online?

  • A Computer, Laptop, or Notebook
  • My License or Registration Number from either the following:
    • My Current License or Registration in the box marked, "Lic./Reg."
    • My Wallet Portion of my License or Registration
    • The Board's Website Verification Link at
  • Completed CEUs and their respective course completion certificates (copies) from Nov. 1, 2014 through October 30, 2016
  • Copy of my current CPR certification (provider Level - LMT / Basic Life Support- RMP)
  • Credit Card
  • Printer to print out a copy of my completed Application AND Receipt for my records; or
    • in case I am Audited to which I complete the application process and pay
    • print out the application and receipt (x2)
    • Email ( or Fax (410 358 1879) or Mail directly to the Board a packet containing: (1) copy of the application, (2) a copy of the receipt, (3) copies of CEU course certificates, and (4) a copy of CPR card/certificate respective to your license or registration status.


Active August 15, 2016

Regular Renewal - Aug. 15th - Oct. 30th (Board Extension to Nov. 1st)
Late Renewal - Nov. 2 - Nov. 30th
Renewal Closes - Dec. 1, 2016

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