Massage Therapy Jurisprudence Exam


Massage Therapy Jurisprudence Exam Instructions

Examination Dates and Application Deadlines

Board Policy Regarding Applicant Failure of Jurisprudence Examination


Massage Therapy Jurisprudence Exam Instructions

All applications and Jurisprudence Examination forms and fees must be postmarked by the Board’s postmark deadline.

To prepare for the Jurisprudence Examination you should study the Laws and Regulations governing massage therapy in Maryland.  An applicant must receive a passing score of 75% or better to be eligible for massage licensure or registration. If you are unsuccessful in passing the Examination the re-take fee will be $200.00 and a new registration form must be provided with payment of the re-take fee.

The Exam confirmation letter for the Exam will be mailed before the scheduled test date. Please bring the Exam confirmation letter – you will be required to show the Exam confirmation letter prior to taking the Exam. Two forms of identification are required; one form of identification must be a photo identification.

  • Applications and Jurisprudence Exam registration forms must be postmarked by the postmark deadline date via U.S. Postal Service mail, FedEx or similar, or via courier/messenger service. There are no exceptions to the foregoing; walk-ins will not be accepted. See below for upcoming application deadline dates.

  • Applications and Jurisprudence Exam registration forms must be sent together.

  • Do not submit registration requests more than 60 days in advance of the desired Exam date.

  • All Exams begin at 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated on your Exam confirmation letter.

Parking is available at the 4201 Patterson Avenue lot; however, parking is limited between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If possible, please use public transportation or other means. The building is easily accessible by the Metro System (Reisterstown Plaza) and MTA buses.

Please Note: No Electronic Devices Allowed


Exam Date Application Postmark Deadline
Tuesday, January 29 January 2
Tuesday, February 26 February 1
Tuesday, March 26 March  1
Tuesday, April 23 April 1
Tuesday, May 21 May 1
Tuesday, June 25 June 1
Tuesday, July 30 July 1
Tuesday, August 27 August 1
Tuesday, September  24 September 3
Tuesday, October 29 October 1​​
Tuesday, November 19 November 1
Tuesday, December 17 December 1