​What is Alcohol and Drug Trainee (ADT) status?

ADT status is not a certificate or a license. ADT status is of limited duration and is meant to serve as an entry-level position for those pursuing careers in alcohol and drug counseling. Applicants must have a Board approved alcohol and drug supervisor before they can begin training. See COMAR
Who is eligible for ADT status?
Generally, to be eligible for ADT status, one must have an associate’s degree from a Board approved regionally accredited educational institution in a health and human services counseling field or a field deemed substantially equivalent by the Board; including coursework in specific areas/topics. See COMAR for specific requirements.
What is the process to obtain ADT status? 
To obtain ADT status, complete and submit the application (with all required documentation) to the Board. Along with the application, include a copy of the receipt from your criminal history background check.  After the Board reviews and approves your application and criminal history background check, it will issue a trainee authorization letter to you. If your application is incomplete or you are deemed ineligible, you will be notified by the Board. Incomplete applications take longer to process. 
How long can I hold ADT status?
ADT status is for two years, renewable in 2-year increments not to exceed 6 years in total, and subject to certain terms and conditions as set by the Board.  Renewal is not automatic or guaranteed. Renewal forms are now available online. It is the responsibility of the trainee to apply for renewal in a timely fashion. The Board recommends that a trainee begin the renewal process 6 months prior to the expiration of their trainee authorization to ensure enough time to process the application. See COMAR​​ for details and requirements for renewal.