Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Pre-Registered [Unclaimed] Information

What needs to be done by next-of-kin to claim a decedent when transferred to the State Anatomy Board as a non-pre-registered decedent? 

Unclaimed decedents refer to individuals who arrive at the State Anatomy Board when no next-of-kin or no funeral arrangements were made.  The State Anatomy Board is contacted by medical facilities, the Chief Medical Examiners Office, or law enforcement when the next-of-kin cannot be located or are unable, at the time of death, to make funeral arrangements.

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Donor Program Information

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State Anatomy Board Donors are individuals who, during their lifetime, requested a donor form, completed the donor form, ​and mailed the original signature copy of the donor form to the State Anatomy Board office.  Only pre-registered Donors are accepted and assigned donor status.