Requests to use a State Anatomy Board body donor may be individual physicians, allied health professionals, medical centers, medical schools, medical researchers, biomedical corporations or similar. All requests to conduct a study or educational activity must be sent to:
About Requests

Requests must have a clearly articulated medical, research, clinical, or educational basis and meet current best practice medical ethical principles. The request must have:

a) Requestors name, email address, phone number, and mailing address.

b) Institution or organization affiliation.

c) Brief statement of intended purpose (e.g. medical education, biomedical research, etc.), containing enough detail for the State Anatomy Board to determine that the intended purpose meets appropriate benefit to society.

The requesting individual or organization will receive a response from the State Anatomy Board with additional forms and information about the process. The State Anatomy Board may request additional information if that is needed to clarify the requestors intended purpose.