​​​Statewide Health Communication Campaigns

Maryland Tobacco Quitline Campaign

Responsible Tobacco Retailer Campaign

The Vape Experiment

Continue the Good

Smoke-Free Living Campaign

Maryland Tobacco Litter Campaign

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The Cigar Trap Campaign  

Youth Pandemic Behavior Survey Infographics

Pregnant and Smoking Toolkit

CDC Tips from Former Smokers CampaignTM​​​​​​​​​​​​

Last Updated:
August 25, 2022

Statewide Tobacco Control Initiatives

At the statewide level, the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control provides oversight, technical assistance and training to local health departments, grantees, and partners ensuring that efforts are coordinated with the statewide program goals and messages.

Maryland Tobacco Control Resource Center (MTCRC)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Maryland Tobacco Control Resource Center (MTCRC), formerly ​MDQuit, is the information resource center for tobacco use cessation and prevention for the State of Maryland. The re​source center is dedicated to assisting providers and programs in reducing tobacco use among Maryland residents. The mission is to link tobacco control professionals and healthcare providers to state tobacco control initiatives, to provide evidence-based, effective tools and resources to local programs, to create and support an extensive collaborative network of tobacco use prevention and cessation professionals, and to provide a forum for sharing best practices to reduce tobacco use throughout Maryland.

MTCRC provides specialized trainings and resources on topics, including Best Practices in Tobacco and Cessation, Breaking the Habit in Behavioral Health, Brief Interventions, Fax to Assist, and Preparing to Quit.  ​

For more information, visit MTCRC Resource Center.

Legal Resource Center for Public Health Policy (LRC)
University of Maryland, Francis King Carey School of Law

The Legal Resource Center for Public Health Policy provides best practice legal and policy ​technical assistance​ and training to state agencies​, local health departments, decision-makers, community organizations, and residents across the state on a wide-range of tobacco control issues, including: 

  • ​Youth access to tobacco products, especially in the retail​ environment​
  • Smoke-free multiunit housing policy development and enforcement
  • Smoke-free outdoor area policy development and enforcement (beaches, parks)
  • Youth use of other tobacco products, such as little cigars, cigarillos, and smokeless tobacco
  • Emerging products, such as e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-hookah, vape pens

Health Communications 

The Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control develops and implements campaigns to increase awareness of the dangers of tobacco use, encourage those who use tobacco to quit, and provide information on services available for residents who are ready to quit using tobacco. TV, radio, transit, billboards, print, and websites have been developed to support these campaigns, which include: the Maryland Tobacco Quitline, The Vape Experiment, No Tobacco Sales To Minors, No Tobacco Litter, The Cigar Trap, Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing​, Behavioral Health and Tobacco Treatment, and Pregnancy and Tobacco Treatment. The Center also supports national initiatives, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Tips from Former Smokers CampaignTM.